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What are the approaches to creating a compare and contrast essay – 2022 Guide

So, it’s the first draft, is it?

Well, the first draft is the hardest part and things tend to get better after that. I promise.

So, how do you go about drafting a compare and contrast essay?

Let me tell you, It’s not easy and you will need help. My first suggestion would be to contact an essay writing service so that you can get a model paper. After that, you can begin drafting your essay.

But if you are determined to do this on your own then I can help you. I can tell you how you can start and make your very first draft of a compare and contrast essay.

Why compare and contrast? Because this might just be the hardest essay to draft.

So, buckle up as I help you ride out of this storm. Here are the approaches you can use to draft your very own essay.

Approach #1: Brainstorming

Brainstorming is the key to generating ideas. I used to find an empty room that was free of distractions to write my essay. There, I would sit down, open my notebook and brainstorm about my topic.

I would write down whatever came to my mind then. Hardly any of those ideas would be any good but this is how we get all the ideas in.

Approach #2: Mindmapping

This is where things get a bit more complicated.

Now that you have all your ideas in front of you, you are going to sort through them and pick out the best ones. Like, for a compare and contrast essay, you would want ideas related to the two things that you are comparing.

You will need to sort them into two categories to get going. 

Approach #3: Think on the Thesis

This is important, no matter which type of essay you are writing while essay writing.

But in this type of essay, you need to compare and contrast your object based on a certain criteria. Like, you can say that two cars are similar in terms of their reliability but different when it comes to cost and attractiveness.

You will have to think on a similar thesis to move forward.

Approach #4: Rough Outline

Now, making an outline always makes things a little bit easier.

When you have no idea how you are going to organize your essay then just make a quick and rough outline. This will help you understand the things that you need to put into your paragraph.

This process of sorting can automatically turn even a bland essay into a masterpiece. 

Approach #5: Map Out the Intro

The introduction is the first thing that a reader reads. So, you gotta leave an impression, right?

Because if you don’t then your reader won’t bother to read ahead. Every essay writerknows that writing a good introduction and conclusion is the key to writing a successful essay. So, spend some time doing that and you should be fine.

A good introduction will save your essay.

Approach #6: Divide and Conquer

I mean that you need to divide your work into paragraphs.

This is something that students simply do not understand. They think that they can shove all the information that they have into one or two paragraphs. NO!

What you need is to have separate paragraphs for each subtopic that you are discussing. All of those paragraphs should lead you to your thesis.

Approach #7: Sources

Think about the sources that you are gonna use. This is very important because the information that you write in your essay will be based on these sources, or you can take help from write paper for me service.

So, while drafting, you need to know which sources will make up the bulk of your essay so that you know the things that you are gonna put in there and the things that you are gonna remove.

Approach #8: Structure

See, there are two ways in which you can structure a compare and contrast essay. 

The first way is to talk about the similarities first and the differences next. So, in a paragraph about similarities, you will talk about the first object and then the second object.

The second approach is to talk about the first object first and then mention how the second object is similar or different from the first. You can always take help from service.

Approach #9: Proofread

A good intro might be the key to your success but proofreading is the key to your survival.

If you do not proofread your essay, then you are doomed!

There are so many mistakes that you can make in an essay, especially the first draft. So, it’s best that you have a look at your grammatical or punctuation errors.

Approach #10: Break and Edit

Take a break.

Really! You just wrote a whole essay, you deserve a break. You have proofread it which means that you know your mistakes. Now all that you have to do is fix those mistakes.

But before you do that, go take a break. Go take a walk or something. Then come back with a fresh perspective to fix your mistakes. You will find that this approach works best to clear your mind of the clutter.

So, now you can write your essay!

Now that you know all the tips and tricks of writing, it should not be hard for you to get started on your very own compare and contrast essay! If you are still stuck you can ask the professionals to write my paper for me.

But, if you are struggling to write your essay then remember what I suggested in the beginning! You can always contact a paper writing service!

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